Where I stand on Arizona’s most pressing issues

Election Integrity

There is no evidence the 2020 Arizona election was subject to fraud sufficient to change the outcome. Individuals who state otherwise are simply not being honest. Further, I find the existing election laws and regulations to be more than adequate to ensure election integrity.

I support the permanent early voting list and no excuse vote by mail. I will support changes that make voting easier including making Election Day a state holiday. I will oppose any laws that make voting more difficult or that disenfranchise any lawful voters.

Reproductive Freedom

I support access to safe abortions as a fundamental part of reproductive health. Women must have the freedom and privacy to make their own decisions about their healthcare and when and if to grow their family. The ability to make this decision freely and without fear of repercussion should not be usurped by the government.

I will support a state constitutional amendment to ensure reproductive freedom, and to guarantee the right to make your own reproductive healthcare decisions, safely and privately.

School Funding

I support our public school system and would advocate an adequate level of funding including additional funds to increase teacher pay. I would seek to roll back the recently enacted expansion of state funded vouchers to private schools and various types of alternative education. This program as enacted will likely siphon off badly needed funds from the public school system. Further, it does not include sufficient safeguards to ensure this money will be well spent. This creates the possibility these taxpayer funds will find their way into the pockets of the wealthy and well connected instead of benefitting Arizona students.

Climate Change

Unfortunately, it’s real. We face the very real possibility that increased temperatures and water shortages will adversely affect agriculture as well as our overall quality of life. Further, experts have indicated that water levels behind both Glen Canyon and Hoover dams could drop within a few more years to levels that no longer support the generation of electricity. So, if we fail to take action, we may find ourselves facing rolling blackouts and water shortages nearly every summer.

The most recent legislature earmarked 1 billion dollars to begin to address our looming water shortages. It’s a start but the lack of specific feasible proposals is troubling. If elected, I would do everything in my power to make sure the expenditure of that money is prudent and effective and that further actions are taken to conserve our groundwater and surface reservoirs.

Criminal Justice Reform

I support criminal justice reform including reform of Arizona’s mandatory minimum sentencing rules. The United States has the highest rate of incarceration in the world and Arizona has an incarceration rate above the national average. This heavy reliance on imprisonment comes at great cost, both in dollars and in damage to the fabric of society. 

2nd Amendment

I was raised by an avid gun collector, learned to shoot at a very young age and own firearms myself. But, I support common sense gun restrictions. We absolutely need to take reasonable actions to protect our schools, churches, shopping centers and parades from the carnage resulting from gun violence.

It is simply not ok that mass shootings like the recent one in Highland Park, Illinois continue to happen. Measures that I think would be both achievable and effective include restricting the purchase and ownership of semi automatic rifles and carbines to age 21 and older, eliminating the gun show background check loophole and cracking down to the greatest extent possible on straw purchases.